Why blogging helps SEO

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization are the strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the amount of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine page ( SERP) such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

Importance of Blogging for SEO Purposes

Blogging is something that was new to me this year. I feel it allows you to voice your opinions and get an insight into other peoples views. Blogging also helps businesses when it comes to SEO. It can make you rank higher and also add to your organic growth rate without paying money for advertising. Links rate highly in Googles algorithms so its important to make sure when blogging you have various links on your site. Its the quality of the content in your blog that will help you with SEO. This means that your blogs should consist of lots of images and videos and make sure the material you are writing about is interesting and relevant. Sharable content will boost your website and the more people talk about your blogs the higher you rank. Summer Luu gives just three reasons why Blogging is good for business.


According to Rocket Media  a blog allows your site to grow by providing content that wouldn’t otherwise be contained on your site. When customers are looking for a product or service, they want to purchase from the leader in the industry, a blog allows you to establish that authoritative voice by providing your customers with the relevant, factual information they are looking for. Blogs also helps you expand on your keywords. From studying SEO its important businesses use the relevant keywords that are being searched about their business. This can also allow them to advertise around keywords that will boost their website.

Free Tool’s

Google Adwords and Google Analytics are free tools  that can help you find the right keywords and also designing your own Pay Per Click add. You do have to pay if you want to publish your PPC add or if you want to bid on relevant keywords.

Other Tips

You can also use anchor text when you want to direct traffic to articles or other websites. What this means is instead of saying click here  on the above link which is frustrating when you want to direct traffic to another site. Now you can hyperlink the words in the sentence that will direct traffic. Blogs also allow people to link to their social media accounts and get people interacting. Fresh content will also rate you higher for SEO purposes. If google sees a lot of traffic going to your website then they will rank you higher. Its important your business makes the first search page. SEO is key for your business to succeed online so blogging is a way to rank highly in SEO and is also cost effective.

Here is a video to show why blogging helps SEO. Its informative and explains with visual aids about SEO.



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Top 5 tips for creating great Facebook content.

The power of social media in today’s world is so powerful that it can really make or break a business. Facebook is one of these sites that can enhance your existing and new customers opinions about your company. The key to developing a successful fan page is making your content sharable and also interesting for people to read. You need to add value with your content. According Sandi Krakowski “Content without a direct call to action is often less effective. Because if all you’re doing is mentioning your product, you’re not having a relationship with your customers. Need some inspiration about creating content, why not check out Social Media Examiner for some tips.

Here is a quick poll to see what is your opinion about companies always using competitions on their fan page.

Here are just 5 tips for creating great Facebook content.

1. Post a variety of content on your Facebook page

What this means is make sure your content is not always on the same thing and include different types of posts. If you want to express an opinion or show an example you should  add videos and  blogs.

2. Always end a post with a question

This is very important to gain interaction with the public. This allows them to express their own opinions and allow your customers to see what people really think. It also makes your content more sharable and more people will see it.

3. Be Strategic with Images

Its important that you be smart about what photos you upload on your posts. Do not use any stand alone  ones or irrelevant images. Show people being happy or satisfied customers. Also make sure images that you upload can be made public so people can tag others.

4. Make sure your content is up to date

When creating content its important that its update and relevant. Users wont  read anything out of date or anything that has nothing to do with the page they are on.

5. Share exclusive discounts and promotions

By offering special offers and deals to customers it will keep them interested in your page and make them revisit your page more frequently.

Here a video about why content on Facebook is key to success


I have been really interested lately  on the impact the content you post has on your business. Here is an interesting article about the increase content sharing on the Facebook for Business page.



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The Future of Social Media is Mobile


The future of social media is going to be in the hands of mobile.

Mashable.com believe mobile marketing is marketing through mobile devices. Social media plays a huge part in today’s world and is used for leisure and business purposes. Mobile is a powerful tool and marketers need to remember that mobile is your first screening and a marketer who realizes this will be a success in the future. If you think about it  when your watching television for most people your still on your phone using your social media accounts. When talking about mobile you must remember that tablets fall under this category.  Phones have changed over the last number of years, smart phones make it a lot easier for us to find out whats happening all over the world.

Reasons why Mobile is taking over

According to Read and Write its due to the convenience and the improvements to smartphones and high speed WiFi connectivity. Marketers need to get to terms with this technology so that they wont get left behind. Marketers need to use new technologies to add new kinds of value not just to interrupt people in new ways with new kinds of advertising. Mobile devices are already vital to half the world’s population. Very soon, if you’re not bringing your strategy to life on mobile, it’ll never come to life at all.  Tablet browsers spend the most time on web sites  and also are the best for buying online because its easier for people to spend time looking up different things.

Here a video on the future of social media and marketing through mobile

Users are spending more time on their social media accounts from mobile devices compared to desktop users. A tip I recommend for all businesses is that they make their social media account tabs accessible which makes your page user friendly and this will increase the level of interaction.


According to www.entrepreneur.com there are a number of social media predictions for 2015 and that they based these predictions on how huge mobile is going to be. Existing and potential customers will be targeted  by personalisation and location based features on mobile. Marketers will be able to target their specific clientele through these means. Personalistaion is a great tool for marketers as it gives customers recognition and makes them feel important. It leads to better retention and more conversion.

Its important that  we know  the trends of mobile and how often people use social media all over the world. Here is a video about the trends all of the world on mobile.


Please fill out this survey for me to gain more of an insight into the world of mobile

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My App Idea

Tailor Me

Lets make Tailor Me a part of this family.

Tailor Me is a new an exciting app idea which my other two teammates Andrew Barry and Brendan Hourihan and myself came up with. We entered the App idea into the Cork Institute of technology Apprentice competition. This competition is a fantastic idea and it generates a lot of interest every year. It  gets the creative juices flowing and unleashes the inner entrepreneur within. There are some great prizes if your App is selected.


Convince and Concern show the importance of Apps rather than a website. We felt that Tailor me offers the convenience and practicality in which this article is about. Apps also are important because your mobile phone is your first screening.


How we came up with the App.

We came up with idea when we were discussing buying clothes and how time consuming it can be. It’s hard to find time to go shopping especially when you are in college or have a part time job. Personally I don’t want to spend a couple of hours going from shop to shop selecting different items of clothing that will suit only one outfit and at the end of a long stressful day end up with something you don’t really like or something doesn’t suit you. Also trying on clothes and be an enduring pain for some people who are not the fashionista of the world. Then it clicked and Tailor Me was born.

Here is a video which explains the designing of Apps and the relationship digital marketing plays.

What is Tailor Me ?

Its and app designed to make the clothing experience more enjoyable and convenient. The App consists on a profile which you set up. You take a full size body picture of yourself and this picture then acts as your mannequin. You enter your weight and height also. There is then a section of shops from you to choose from and you can then select different items from different stores to place on your mannequin. This allows you to see what suits and what fits. Once you are happy with the outfit you have selected an order is placed to the nearest shopping centre near you and your clothes are then ready for collection. All you have to do is collect your outfit that is awaiting for you in the shop. We feel this App will enhance your shopping experience. The App will be free as we hope to make money from company’s advertising their shop or offering special discounts. The app will use your location tracker to select the store that is nearest to you. We feel Tailor me will be future shopping.

The following is a picture of our description  of our app which we submitted to the competition.

This is a picture of the app description we submitted to the competition.

Here is a picture of the feature’s of the App and target audience.

Here is a picture of our target audience and another part of the form which we filled out.

Here is a piece written why people don’t like shopping according to Simple Rabbit Society

We feel Tailor me will eliminate all these objections people have and turn shopping into a positive.

Why call it Tailor Me?

We wanted a name that would suit both males and females because our target  audience is both. An Apps name  has to short and sweet and we feel Tailor  me  does it justice. Also a Tailor is a person whose occupation is making fitted clothes such as suits, pants, and jackets to fit individual customers and so hence Tailor me.

I talked about why a name has to be unique and be short and sweet. I feel the following article by Localize Direct will back up our opinion on App names and how you should go about choosing one.


If your looking to break away from the clutter when designing an App why not check out this article by Accella.


Watch this space for more to come about Tailor Me


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